After completing the construction or remodeling process of your new home, the attention shifts to your yard. Apart from just having a lovely yard, there many more reasons why landscaping is significant. It’s true that a properly landscaped yard surrounding your home adds an aesthetic value to your property. The best thing about is that it will allow you feel at home and even generate numerous commendations from family members and friends.  In addition, professional landscaping increases your home’s value by a significant percentage.

Landscaping is also important as it helps you ensure that water does not get into your basement or backyard. To get rid of future drainage problems, this process helps to direct the flow of water around your home. Furthermore, landscaping aids energy efficiency of your home. Following proper planning and implementation, it has the ability to provide trees for shade, shrubs to control cooling breezes, and even open areas for the accretion of winter snow.

It’s through landscaping that homeowners find it easier to navigate their yards. This is because it allows the establishment of both paths and walkaways which in turn help keep water and mud from tracking into their houses. You can as well mount a patio to create a serene outdoor living space. It then provides a good atmosphere to enjoy a barbecue with either family members or a large get-together of friends.

Landscape Design Services at Double Oak Construction

We understand that your landscape design is a treasured piece of the entire planning process. It is during this time that visions come to life. You will need to work with a professional designer who will help you come up with a customized landscape that suits your budget, needs, and lifestyle. 

We have a team of qualified landscape designers who not work to complete your landscaping work but make sure that they bring your outdoor dreams to life. Depending on your home's dimensions and the scope of your project, we can create plans to faultlessly balance well with shrubs, trees, plants and seasonal color. Our main objective is to ensure that at the end of the project, we give your home a unique and fitting landscape design that is appealing to you. Our team can generate comprehensive plans for your custom outdoor living spaces. 

At Double Oak Construction, our professional landscape designers are capable of designing your outdoor living area to ensure that they achieve your visions. Having created numerous customized landscape and outdoor living areas within California, we are assured that our landscape design process will not only meet your needs but also surpass your expectations.

Our team works hard to ensure that you get the best out of your investment. The best thing about us is that we work closely with you to combine our knowledge with your vision. This is meant to ensure that you enjoy the end result of your landscape project.  For proper landscaping of your home, it is important to hire a professional who will help you with the landscaping process. This is because professionals have the ability to generate the best landscaping design that suits your home.

Double Oak Construction Landscape and Design Package

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive Site Inventory & Analysis
  • Introductory Landscape Plan
  • Comprehensive Proposal with Specifications
  • Plan Revisions 
  • Final Landscape Plan
  • Municipal Sanctions if mandatory

Our Landscaping Design Process

We strongly believe that the process of building your new landscape shouldn’t be difficult. We have, therefore, simplified it into an easy and rewarding collaboration by developing a simple process from the beginning to the end. We combine all your landscape design concepts and needs with our landscape designer’s proficiency to come up with an exclusive design for your home. Below is our landscaping design process.

  • Consultation and Site Inventory & Analysis

Our landscape designer will visit your home to examine your property. It is during this time that they are able to get a clear view of your needs, style and other significant information related to the outdoor living areas and landscape. The designer also takes into account everything including, buildings, utilities, and trees and plants which are currently present on your property.

  • Plan

After thoroughly analyzing your property, the landscape designer will then create an outdoor living and landscape plan with reference to the information you provided during the consultation. The plan basically is the overview of the design concepts and features which may include garden flower beds, plant materials, and trees, hardscape features such as retaining walls, outdoor constructions like kitchens or gazebos, water features and any other outdoor living or landscaping features you’d wish included.

  • Presentation

Following design creation, is the reviewing of the final landscape and outdoor living plan by both you and our landscape designer. It’s during this time that you will discuss on plants and materials to be utilized in your project, together with the budget and the time it will take to accomplish the project.

Landscape Installation

At Double Oak Construction we specialize in landscape installations within Los Angeles. We have the necessary knowledge required to accomplish this task. Whether it’s a makeover on an existing landscape or beginning on a bare ground, we only aim at making your dreams come true. There are several landscaping choices for both businesses and consumers, meant to take care of our current water-conscious environment. These include; native plant, drought tolerant, Xeriscape, water-wise, deer resistant, and all water conservation concepts. Our team of designers is always ready to offer assistance to our customers to ensure that they understand the different choices and even help them know which ideas work fits their project best.

  • Native Plants.  This type of landscaping is mostly made up of drought tolerant plants. This comprises plants, trees, and shrubs that graced California landscape before settlers came in with other new plants and the garden hose. 
  • Drought Tolerant. In this choice of landscaping, only plants that are drought tolerant are utilized. Plants with the ability to grow with very little water or rainfall and can survive for long periods without water. On the other hand, landscaping with plants that can grow well in a garden that controls water sensibly is referred to as water-wise. Drought tolerant plants can also be referred to as xeriscape, water-conservation, water-smart, dry garden, desert landscaping, and dry landscaping.
  • Xeriscape. It is mostly used to refer to a landscaping style that utilizes drought tolerant plants to aid water conservation. In some instances, it’s also used to outline a landscaping style that utilizes no water.
  • Low Maintenance. To remain appealing, most landscaping requires proper maintenance. However, to reduce the amount required for watering and pruning, you can choose to utilize only plants that need less attention.
  • Deer Resistant. It clear that no plant is pure deer proof. However, there exist a number of shrubs, flowers, and trees with the ability to avoid deer.

Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care

At Double Oak Construction we are dedicated to offering fully customized residential landscape maintenance and lawn care service for your home here in California. Our service delivery does not only focus on townhouses but also multi-acre estates. The best thing about our team is that they will work to ensure that your landscape is well maintained throughout the year. Whether you require a more detailed annual turf care program or even the ornamental trees, and shrubs can greatly benefit from routine Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our main responsibility is to ensure that we give your home the best look.

Our full residential landscape maintenance programs are the basis of every single thing we do at comprehensive landscaping services. Some of the landscaping maintenance services we offer include trimming, edging, and mowing, weed management programs and complete lawn fertilization, spring and fall cleanups, residential irrigation maintenance and repair service, property enhancement, seasonal flower color and rotations, lawn aeration and seeding, pruning, weeding, leaf removal, and mulching. When you hire Double Oak Construction as your landscaping partner, our team of experts will visit your site and generate a detailed list of recommendations which are intended to nurture and further improve the landscape of your property.

Advantages of Contracted Landscape Maintenance

The best way of getting the best out of your landscape is by putting in place a regular maintenance program. It’s only proper maintenance that will ensure its longevity. Below are some of the reasons you should contract a certified company to maintain your landscape.

  • Contracting a certified landscaper helps in keeping your property in its pristine state
  • The presence of a landscaper working on a regular basis on your property not only ensure healthy landscaping plant life but also leads to decrease in risks of replacing them.
  • Contracted landscapers ensure your landscape plants are vibrant by pruning or cleaning the gardens making them attractive.
  • It's the best way to prevent overgrowth since the landscaper will be working on your property every other week
  • Regular landscaping ensures weed control

The bottom line is that with a contracted landscaping maintenance you are assured of consistent impressive outcomes. They will work hard to ensure that your property looks beautiful, and tidy all year round.

If you’re interested in getting more information about our landscaping design and installation process, feel free to call us today at (800) 631-8485 or fill out our online contact form. We also provide landscape maintenance service throughout California. Most importantly, our consultations are absolutely free and we know that you will be surprised how reasonable Double Oak Construction landscape designers can be. Make a point of scheduling a consultation with us and we will come to your home.

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