Kitchen Remodeling

There are a number of factors that majorly influence the need for a homeowner to remodel their kitchen. Some of these factors include worn out cabinets, outdated appliances, or crackled countertops. In addition to this, there are other significant reasons than just cosmetic that will prompt the need for kitchen remodeling.  If you are looking for a qualified kitchen remodeling company in California, Double Oak Construction is the right company for you. We are a remodeling company dedicated to helping our esteem customers realize their desired kitchen at a reasonable price. Our team is composed of competent craftsmen who are fully equipped with the indispensable knowledge required to fulfill the desires of our clients.

Given that the kitchen is one of the important rooms in your home, we commit ourselves to offering nothing but the best. Double Oak Construction ensures proper service delivery regardless of the amount of remodeling work your kitchen requires. Our main aim is to ensure that we make our clients happy at the end of our services. The success of our company is as a result of the good relationship with the certified suppliers and maximization of qualified craftsmen. We always ensure that the entire process of kitchen remodeling is stress-free, involving, and fun. 

We are really looking forward to working on your kitchen remodeling project. For free consultation and quotes, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 631-8485. You can as well fill out our online contact form and we will get right back to you. Here are some of the kitchen remodeling services we offer provide:

  • Refinishing or replacement of the cabinets
  • Lighting installation
  • Installation of sinks, counter-tops, and faucets
  • Flooring installation

The Main Reasons for Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen can be termed as the heart of the home. This is because of the frequent visits by family members compared to the rest of the rooms. When friends and family visit, most of the time is spent in the kitchen. As a result, your kitchen is exposed to high rates of wear, which in turn makes it one of the most often remodeled rooms in your home. You may also want to remodel your kitchen if you are planning to resell your property. Kitchen remodeling is an imperative investment that adds value to your kitchen which can lead to a good return on investment.

Important Elements We Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

  • Adequate Space

When remodeling your kitchen, our team ensures that there is enough space to ease your operations while in the kitchen. We ensure that you are comfortable with the cabinet space, counter space, and even floor space. We also ensure that the spaces allocated for kitchen appliances are adequately utilized.  Basically, we make sure that the shape of your counter does not in any way take up useful working space. Double Oak Construction ensures that all the required measurements when changing or replacing countertops are taken into consideration. On completion of our remodeling process, there must be a well-established preparation and working area, landing area, and sufficient storage.

  • Children

Choosing to remodel your kitchen when you have children is highly imperative. The design and outdated appliances of your kitchen can be dangerous to your young children. During the remodeling process, our main focus is on the safety of the user whether young or old. After assessing your kitchen, we usually advise you on the best design and type of appliances to install in your kitchen depending on the size of your family. For instance, if you have kids, you will need a kitchen remodeled with lower cabinets to allow easy access to children’s meals.

  • Traffic Flow

For those households with more than one chef or cook, we ensure that we establish more room around the central workspace to allow for easy movement by the users. On the other hand, an open plan kitchen is suitable for those who like entertaining since it provides more room for interaction between the main kitchen and the other rooms.

  • Location

For those clients who would wish to add a deck to the side or back of their home, we ensure that we slot in a door into the layout of their kitchen which is necessary for outdoor entertainment. Others may wish to change or rearrange the position of the windows for them to be able to regulate the amount of sunlight that comes into their kitchen. Furthermore, some may do this to allow them to watch over their kids while playing in the yard.  When reorganizing your kitchen, there are a number of factors we consider, like how wide should the clear opening of the doorway be? What is the required size of the door? We also make sure that cooking surfaces are not located under the operable window.

  • Universal Design

This one of the most critical factors that we always take into consideration while remodeling any of our customer’s kitchen. Questions like is your kitchen accessible to individuals with disabilities? Will you be in a position to safely use your kitchen during your old age? During the kitchen remodeling process, our team works hard to ensure that all these questions are answered by making use of the universal design techniques which allows accessibility by all individuals regardless of size, age or physical ability.

During a free consultation, we encourage our customers to come up with a checklist of both major and minor issues that they would like us to consider while remodeling their kitchen. With this information, our craftsmen and women are able to discern precisely the specific needs, taste and desired style of individual clients, making it easy for them to satisfy them fully.

Why is it Significant to Hire a Certified and Insured Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, it is key to ensure that you sign up a qualified contractor. This will help you to avoid grief during the entire process. Here are some of the main reasons why hiring an accredited and insured contractor is significant to your project.

Save the Cost of Having the Job Done Again

To acquire a license as a contractor in California, one must meet the strict eligibility criteria. For this reason, you can be assured of high-quality work from a licensed Contractor. This is not the case with unlicensed kitchen remodeling contractors since one cannot be certain of quality outcome.  It is advised that you settle for a licensed contractor to avoid substandard work that may need redoing.


The basic requirement when working with a professional is trust. This applies to kitchen remodeling contractors too. It is hard to trust a contractor who operates without a license. Well, it is clear that they are simply breaking the law by not having a permit that allows them to legally offer these services. To avoid being scammed, make sure that you hire a licensed. 

Insurance Coverage

The advantage of signing up a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor is that chances of them creating issues when remodeling your kitchen are very low. However, given that contractors are human, the unexpected can happen during the remodeling process. In such instances, a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor through their insurance company will be able to take care of the damages suffered. 

Why Hire Double Oak Construction for your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

If you are looking for a remodeling company here in Tarzana, California, Double Oak Construction is the company to approach.  We are a professional remodeling company devoted to giving every customer the best services. Having successfully accomplished numerous projects within California, our craftsmen fully understand the legal bureaucracies, regulations, and rules that must be adhered to while providing these services. Our vast experience in kitchen remodeling makes us one of the best contractors to sign up.  This is because of the good relationship we have established over years with suppliers which helps us in acquiring materials at reasonable prices.  We also have all special tools and equipment that are required during the remodeling process. Our professionals are committed to getting the job done appropriately within the stipulated time.

Apart from experience and great ideas, our craftsmen understand which safety measures to consider when remodeling your kitchen. This is because of their good eye to detail which helps them not to overlook even a single part of your kitchen that must be attended to. Hiring us will not only minimize the budget of your kitchen remodeling but also capitalize on the quality due to our experience in both trades and services related this kind of remodeling.

Some of the Tasks We Execute during Kitchen Remodeling

  • Helping our customers to plan, design and even layout
  • Installations of walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Designing of countertops and custom cabinets
  • Helping clients in choosing the best appliances for their kitchen
  • Handling plumbing needs in your kitchen
  • Organize for remodeling permits for your project
  • Installing low emissivity, energy efficient doors and windows to help increase energy efficiency
  • Handling electrical work and lighting fixtures

Double Oak Construction is well established with a team of home improvement experts, elite designers, drafters, builders, maintenance specialists and conservationists who are not only dedicated to kitchen remodeling services but also home innovations ideas, custom tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Apart from frill home remodeling services, we endeavor to ensure sustainability and decrease of energy use attained in each of our design plans. If you’re looking for a company that offers high-quality remodeling services at reasonable rates, do not hesitate to call us at (800) 631-8485 or visit our offices for a free consultation. We can schedule a free, no-obligation at-home estimate.

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