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Home remodeling is a critical project that requires one to be very careful when choosing a contractor to work on their houses. It’s significant to ensure you sign up the right contractor for this purpose. Double Oak Construction is one of the leading companies in Tarzana with proficiency in general home remodeling services. We are accredited home remodeling contractors with vast experience in these kind services. Double Oak Construction is composed of professional craftsmen who are steadfast in ensuring all customers are fully satisfied with the type of services provided to them. 

At Double Oak Construction, it’s our primary obligation to offer satisfactory home remodeling services to our customers. To achieve this, we provide our customers with relevant information before working on any project. In other words, we offer you a 3D design of your project which will help you comprehend the potential outcome. In saving your money and time, our team ensures that acquisition of the following is done; 3D design, permits, blueprints, engineering and architectural design and actual construction. Apart from organizing for the permit, we will arrange for inspections by the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with the indispensable local regulations and building codes.

Why Hire Double Oak Construction for your Home Remodeling Project

There are a number of unique features that make us stand out amongst other companies offering home remodeling services. To begin with, we have in place a team of experienced professionals including structural and architects, engineers, carpenters, qualified plumbers and electricians, interior design specialist and roofers.  This, therefore, puts us in a position to tackle any home remodeling projects satisfactorily. It also saves your time and extra costs that would be incurred when signing up several contractors to work on the same project.

Secondly, our team is made up of very supportive and accommodating individuals who are always ready to offer assistance to our clients.  We offer free consultations that allow us to deliberate on your options and ensure that you make a well-versed verdict which will guide us while working on your project. During the consultation, we also agree on the project budget and further plan to ensure that you only receive the best. Most importantly our budget is all-inclusive and there are no hidden charges.

After discussing all your options, we then prepare a 3D design of the eventual project which is significant as it will help you get the idea in the mind of our designers. The bottom line is that, in every project, we give it our best effort to ensure that we not only complete it in time but also quality is attained. We do this by making use of only high-quality materials that are durable.  Furthermore, we adhere to all the safety measure during the entire home remodeling process.

Ways to Tell your Home Needs Remodeling Service

There are a number of manifestations that may occur in your home sending a message that your home requires remodeling. Below are some of the signs that when you see them in your home you should get in touch with a qualified home remodeling contractor.

  • Your home feels too empty or too crowded
  • When there is leakage in your roofing system
  • When termites start invading your home
  • The moment the floor of your house starts to detach
  • When your house feels old-fashioned
  • The paints on your home looks stained and begins to chip
  • When your bathrooms and kitchen appears old with excessive leakages

These are clear indications that your home is deteriorating and thus requires home remodeling services. You will, therefore, need to visit a professional home remodeling company to help you renovate your home the right way. The advantage of signing up an expert is that they are always ready to take up the entire project thus saving your money and time. In case you’ve noticed any of this signs on your house, call us today at (800) 631-8485 to schedule a free consultation.

What Is the Property Owner’s Part in Home Remodeling Process?

The role of the homeowner during home remodeling process is critical. Their contribution greatly determines the outcome of the entire project. For this reason, we always spend more time with the homeowner just to ensure that they fully understand the process before the project begins. This opportunity allows homeowners to discuss with our contractors in detail what they really want at the end of the project.  We take the responsibility of assisting and guiding you in both product and design selection phase. Homeowners are key in selecting the right design and selection of materials to be used on their project.  Guided by their needs and wants, our professionals then come up with a design that is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing to the customer. In doing this our primary goal is to ensure that we ease the liability of this process through education, professionalism, and communication.

Some of the Aspects We Consider When Remodeling your Home

In offering home remodeling services to our customers, there a number of factors that guide us in ensuring that the process is successful. Regardless of the reasons for calling for home remodeling services from Double Oak Construction, it’s our role to ensure the following are achieved at the end of any home remodeling project.

  • Upturn your Comfort or Even Enjoyment of the House

When remodeling your home, we work hard to ensure that we increase the comfort of your home. This also appears to be one of the leading reasons why most of our clients want their home remodeled. Your enjoyment and comfort mean a lot to us and it’s our commitment to ensure that that is achieved.

  • Upgrading your Home’s Function

Some customers may call for home remodeling services either to add space in their homes or another bathroom, just make to operations during the morning hours a little tranquil for the family members. Others would like to spice up their outdoor entertainment by remodeling or adding a patio or deck to their home. Depending on your reasons, we will work hard towards achieving that. Our team will not only ensure your home’s functions are updated, but also make sure that the process does not in any way compromise the value of your home nor does it reduce the space available.

  • Safety Issue

Your safety as the homeowner and those that use your property also matters a lot to us. For this reason, we ensure that when working on your house we do not overlook even a single safety problem. Basically, we make sure that if there are any cracks in the foundation, roof leaks, or electrical issues are taken care of by our team. This is to guarantee your safety and that of your family members and further prevention of disastrous or loss of the entire home.

  • Increasing your Home’s Efficiency

During our home remodeling process, we ensure that other improvements such as new windows, insulation, and heat pumps are incorporated to help reduce the costs of energy. We understand that the more efficient your home is, the more attractive it’s to buyers.  This is because most buyers also know the best option is acquiring an energy efficient home.

  • Improving your Home's Value

Our remodeling services are aimed at adding value to every single project assigned to us by our customers. Whether you have plans of selling your home or not, we ensure that after working on your property its market value appreciates. Regardless of your primary purpose for remodeling your home, ours is to ensure that you get the value of your money. Whether it’s changing the front door, modernizing the bathroom or kitchen, or even opening up the main living space, our team will do anything to ensure value is achieved.

Some of the Tasks We Perform in Home Remodeling

At Double Oak Construction, we cover a wide range of home remodeling projects. Below is a list of some of the common tasks performed in a number of projects.

  • Interior remodeling of all rooms of the house including living room, basements, bedroom, and attics.
  • Setting up of energy efficient products such as solar panel, LED lighting, and water use conservation   products.
  • Adding fan-fed venting and insulation to your attics with the radiant shield on their ceiling.
  • Installing flooring including laminate, hardwood, tile wood, carpeting, and tile.
  • Exterior remodeling which includes painting or siding, decking, roofing repairs or replacement, enclosures, patio covers, sunrooms, and screen rooms.
  • All types of landscape improvements including, outdoor kitchen and barbecues, stamped concrete or brick concrete.
  • Full remodeling or kitchen expansion that normally goes together with bathroom addition or remodeling
  • New additions including, room expansions, both built up and built out, and garage conversion

Contact Us for Assistance

If you’re looking forward to making changes to your condo, house or apartment In California, Double Oak Construction is the company to sign up. Here you will find the best home remodeling contractor that will be fully dedicated to your work. Our contractors will help you throughout the entire home remodeling project and even offer guidance to ensure that you make the right decisions. 

Apart from being a fully licensed and insured company, we also hire the right manpower, our team is made up of accomplished and trained architects, contractors and engineers. This helps us to ensure that your home remodeling project is successful. For more information about our home remodeling services feel free to contact us today at (800) 631-8485 or fill out our online inquiry for a free quote. We also offer free in-home consultation and estimation.

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