"Hero" Program and Financing Options

Many people desire to live in homes that have the latest designs and are comfortable. However, not everyone is capable of raising the amount required to facilitate the construction. Your income might be tied to other projects and the savings might also not be enough. Without a source of finance, it may be impossible to renovate your home. At Double Oak Construction, we offer a variety of financing options to our customers to enable them to renovate their homes. Through our financial options, customers are able to build the houses of their dreams and also save a lot.

We offer our services at friendly rates, making them very affordable. Our professional craftsmen also make the most out of the building materials to ensure that nothing goes to waste. In addition to this, we take advantage of the longstanding relationships we have with the local banks to ensure that you get the best possible loan terms to cater for the renovation and repair of your home. Our involvement in water and energy efficiency can help you get incentives such as the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program. The program can help you renovate your home in a way that is environmental friendly plus the monthly installments are relatively low.

Our Financing Plans

At Double Oak Construction, we don’t just help you secure various loans; we ensure that the loans are one hundred percent unsecured and that they cover all the costs of renovation. Instead of emptying your savings account, using your credit card to cater for building expenses, or offering your home equity as collateral, it is more thoughtful to acquire an unsecured loan that has low and fixed interest rates and a convenient payment scheme. This plan gives the customer greater flexibility since they can choose how they want to use the borrowed money. Through this option, they can allocate the funds to the areas where they are needed most. For example, a repair that had not been spotted before may be discovered during renovation or you can decide to have your house renovated in a way that is different from the one which you had selected before.   You can use the money to cater for such incidents.

Nonetheless, since different people prefer different methods, we also offer the other fast refinancing programs for those people who prefer to use their home’s equity as collateral. We can help you establish a good repayment arrangement or lower rates for this kind of plan.

We offer financial advice to our customers to make certain that they arrive at the best decision. Our financial advisors will meet with you and analyze the area you want renovated, after which, they will explain to you the benefits of each loan and the terms and conditions involved. After having a clear understanding of all the available options, you can go ahead and select your plan. We’ll also help you handle all the paperwork. Depending on the rating of your credit, you can get a loan that has little or no interest at all. The loan may also have no payments during the first year. With our help, you can be confident that you will attain the best possible terms and conditions.

Advantages of Having Support from a Financial Institution

You may be very excited about remodeling your home only to find out that the money that you have will not cater for all the work. You might think of borrowing from a friend and still find out that they are also broke. This is where the financial institution comes in handy. The financial aid will help you achieve your long-envisioned project and you can take care of the payments slowly at a convenient speed.

The repair might also be a necessity. Sometimes you get emergency repairs that need immediate attention and it would lead to great harm if the repairs are not taken care of in a short while. Also, you may want to put your house up for sale. Of course, everyone would want to get the most money out of a house sale. However, it would be impossible to get a good digit without making various repairs to the house. It might even be difficult to get a buyer without doing some renovations. You might have found a job in a different part of the country and may want to sell your house as quickly as possible to move into your new home. A loan would help you during these trying times.

The HERO Program

The HERO program is offered in many areas in the state. In California, for instance, there are over three hundred localities where the loan is offered. The financing program that helps people to renovate focuses on ensuring that homes have a water or energy system that is efficient and minimizes their usage. Applying for the loan is easy and you are not required to pay any application fee. Usually, most owners qualify for the loan.

The HERO program has assisted thousands of people with their renovation expenses. Since the HERO program aims at reducing energy and water consumption, it's almost impossible to miss out on the loan as long as your construction plan looks at the better usage of both water and energy. HERO financing is a bit different from the other loans which look at the credit score. The program only considers water and energy efficiency.

The payments for the HERO loan are made through the property tax bill. The upgrades you make may also give you a chance of receiving certain tax credits. In case you are renovating the house for selling purposes, HERO helps you a lot since it can be transferred to the new owner. Its absolutely friendly on all fronts and there is little room for pressure and stress, which is usually the case for other expensive loans.

Finding a Contractor to Do the Renovation

Finding a source of finance is usually the part that gives many homeowners a headache but after finding the money, you now want to use it in the best way possible. No one would want to joke with borrowed money since it pains you more than the money that you already have in your possession. This is because you have to pay this money and it would hurt if you find yourself paying for a loan that was not well utilized.

Finding a contractor to handle the renovation is usually the next step and it's troubling as the finance hassle. You have to find a responsible company who understand and appreciate the efforts you have made before acquiring the money. Double Oak Construction is that company. We are flexible and always ready to listen to our customers so that we are able to meet all your needs. We also know how to build according to the budget. It would be very bad if the construction comes to an end before the project is completed simply because the finances are over.

With that said, it's important to ensure you find a company that has a great reputation in both service and customer relations. Double Oak Construction is located in close proximity in such a way that you can visit our offices at any time in case you have an issue with the construction or may want something changed. Our construction professional will provide you with different construction ideas and help you choose the best option for your home. Different homes have different landscapes and different setting, thus, cannot use the same designs. A contractor should know which design best fits where. We are familiar with the building codes to ensure that whatever we build is permitted by the local authority. This is because there are constructions that are demolished after the owner has used a lot of money on them just because the local law doesn’t allow them. Our craftsmen are skilled and highly knowledgeable.

Some of The Products and Services That We Offer to Our Customers

After you have obtained your convenient loan and may now want to go ahead with the renovations, here is a list of the products and services that we offer. All these things are HERO- approved.

  • LED lighting that is energy efficient for both outdoor and indoor purposes.
  • Solar panels.
  • Solar power inverters. They are needed in the conversion of power from AC to DC.
  • Doors and windows that are efficient in energy usage, therefore, saving in energy usage, therefore, saving you much money on your power bill.
  • Transparent windows which are capable of filtering UV rays. They help reduce heat within the house and provide natural lighting as well.
  • Skylights that allow light from the sun to access the house.
  • Awnings and patio covers. These help to keep the heat on the outside from entering the house through the glass panes or windows.
  • Ceiling fans that are energy star certified.
  • A full energy audit 
  • Energy saving heaters.
  • Flush toilets that use less water.
  • Shower heads and faucets with a slow flow of water to reduce wastage.
  • Systems for catching rainwater. This water may be directed towards the garden to water plants through different methods of irrigation.
  • Artificial turf.
  • Landscaping using plants that are drought resistant so as to minimize water usage.

If you want to make any renovations in your home for any reason; emergency repairs, sales purposes, or general remodeling and reconstruction, consider calling us at (800) 631-8485. At Double Oak Construction, we focus on providing the customer with the best financial plans. Whether it's an unsecured loan, a mortgage, or a program like HERO, we are here to help you out. 

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