The decision to remodel your home is an important one and needs a lot of thinking. There are very many questions that run through your mind after you have decided that you want to remodel. This is normal for many people since big decisions always result to a number of questions because you do not want to get anything wrong. The decision to remodel usually arises as a result of frustrations caused by some parts of the house that are not functioning the way you would like them to. You would not want to continue being frustrated even after remodeling and that is why people pay much attention to every detail when it comes to making these improvements. Below are the questions that many of our clients ask.

Most of our constructions are in Los Angeles, Tarzana, CA, where we are among the leading construction companies. We have been serving the residents of Tarzana for a while now and through our expert services, our customer base has grown over the years and our business keeps on growing. We are a company that aims at serving a larger number of people since we want to see beautiful building everywhere we go and in a few years to come, it’s likely that we will have expanded to other parts beyond California. This will make it possible for other people from outside California to access our services.

This means that one of our experienced construction experts will meet with you after you have requested our services. The person will help you with the designing and planning of your home so that the end result will resemble what you were interested in having and everything will be working as you had intended it to. Our team will also oversee that the design which was intended for the project is achieved fully. In short, we take full charge of the project. Having these two done by the same firm helps you save a lot since it will be considered as one project. It also makes the remodeling process easier and efficient since the company will have an easy time following the plan because we are the same people who designed it. Both the firm and the client will benefit from this;

Different people choose to remodel for different purposes. You may choose to remodel if your home is positioned at a place where you love but doesn’t serve all the needs that you desire from it. You may also remodel if all of your kids have grown up and left the home to live their own lives. Some of the places might have been built for their convenience and since these features are no longer needed, remodeling is a wise choice.

You may also want to remodel if your home has an outdated design. It’s a bad feeling when your friends come over and look at your house in amazement because it looks like it was built before civilization. Another reason for remodeling is if you intend to sell your house. You have to do some necessary repairs and renovations so that you get a buyer and have them pay a handsome amount.

You might be interested in remodeling but have no idea of what you want and where you want it done. You can take a look at our gallery to view what improvements others have opted for. After this, you can acquire some ideas, draft them down and organize a meeting with us. We’ll then guide you on what the ideas require and how much it will cost to have them incorporated into your home. We will consider your budget, your needs and wants and what you desire to have before advising you on the next move which involves the design.

After you decide that you want us to handle your renovation, we will come to an agreement on various things like the project design and the cost estimates. We can then decide on when the project should start and estimate the completion date.

The remodeling process always varies from one house to another. After you share your budget with us and what you desire to do, our team will give you an estimate of the cost of the various items that will need to be purchased. We’ll first cater for the things that you need before considering your wants. After the needs have been budgeted for, we’ll then squeeze in the wants as we ensure that nothing goes beyond the budget.

At Double Oak Construction, we aim at ensuring that you get the product which you desire as soon as possible. After making the necessary arrangements, we embark on the construction and work as fast as we can to ensure that you can enjoy the renovations as soon as possible. The three phases which include; the design phase, selection phase, and construction phase, are the ones which determine how long your project will take. The sooner each of these phases is done with, the sooner you can enjoy the result. However, the magnitude of the project has a say in how long the project will take. Normally, a small project will take only a short while to complete.

The value is usually determined by the location of the house, the age, the condition of the house and how well the project was executed. Excellent remodeling will increase the house’s value by a large amount and make it more marketable. Adding the number of bedrooms will add more value than just renovating the ones that are there.

We handle any design/build project of any size. Whether it’s a kitchen or the whole house, we are here to cater to all your remodeling needs. Our team is capable of handling small projects to large ones.

We offer different types of warranties which we share with you upon agreement. Every warranty has different terms and conditions and you benefit a lot from this arrangement.

We have different payment plans which you can pick from. We understand that not every customer is able to pay for the remodeling project in a single payment and that some have to pay in bits. We, therefore, organize for ways through which you can acquire loans from the different banks which we have longstanding relationships with. We can also help you to acquire the money through the HERO program and redesign your house in a way that saves water and energy. With Double Oak, you move a step closer towards achieving the home of your dreams.

To protect your valuable items from the dust, we mount a clear plastic wall in every part that needs to be protected from the dust leaving only the area that is being worked on exposed. All the dust will be contained within the part being renovated and it will be the only place in a mess. The rest of the house will be dust free and you can carry on with your normal activities as the construction is going on. We also do daily clean-ups to minimize the mess. In addition to this, we use a pre-filter to capture the dust so that it doesn’t spread to other parts of the house.

Yes, we provide you with our certificate of insurance every time we are handling a project. In fact, you will receive the certificate through our insurance company. We do not hand it to you personally to ensure that you’re confident that it’s original since different contractors have faked insurance certificates before.

We remove all the debris and clean all the materials that are not supposed to be there to make certain that you enjoy the entire remodeling process. We ensure that you do not trouble yourself trying to clean the place with tools that do not fit the job. The equipment that we use during construction and after are professional and you can be sure that we will leave the place in the best possible state.  

Our contractor will be there throughout the entire project to make certain that the standards are strictly observed and that everything is being built according to the design that was agreed upon. The contractor will communicate to you about every move that the team is making so that you’re always in the know. They will be there to answer any question that you may have regarding the construction and you can always direct them to make any relevant changes.

We ensure that there is open communication between you and us. This way you will feel free to speak to us about anything as the construction progresses up to the end of it. You can also call us after the project has been completed in case you feel that something was not done right or if you see the need to change a part of the construction. Not many companies ensure that there is open communication between them and the customer, and this may lead to undesired results. 

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