Custom Swimming Pool Builder

Your swimming pool is an attention-grabber — it’s the first thing that a person notices when they step in your backyard. Imagine an elegant pool packed with custom water features for spending time and winding down with friends and family. From the classic and stylish to the exotic and beautiful, a swimming pool designed by the crème de la crème custom swimming pool builder in Los Angeles will have your outdoor space wowing not just your loved ones but also your guests.

We work closely with you to envision and execute a design plan that best matches your landscape, lifestyle, and home needs. From the initial consulting process to the pool designing stage to the construction stage and completing the construction on time, Double Oak Construction builds your swimming pool and backyard oasis with industry-standard techniques. Unlike other builders, we go above and beyond to offer future-proof and new sizes and shapes. Whether you want a free-form pool, play pool, or splash pad, the results will set your property apart from the rest of your neighbors.

Dive into Design with an Elite Pool Builder

Nothing is easier than designing a custom swimming pool with our skilled and experienced contractors. Whether you need a commercial or residential pool design and installation, you can count on our team to incorporate contemporary technology and craftsmanship to surpass your expectations. If you have a specific safety requirement or design, we could make a recommendation and execute the model that suits your lifestyle. Examples of lifestyle-centric needs and specifications could be:

  • Adding a small kids’ pool-area with a safety fence, especially if you have children or baby cousins, nieces, and nephews who pay visits often
  • Amazing and entertaining your frequent guests or fun-loving visitors. For instance, adding RGB or other color-changing lights of choice to your swimming pool

Transform your backyards to a perfect space for parties, gatherings, and creating fond memories too. Don’t hesitate to request any additional elements/ features of interest, and we promise to make your backyard's functionality, value, and appearance attractive.

Get Customization Your Way

After we have discussed your vision, our experts will take accurate measurements and create a virtual layout of your custom pool within an agreed deadline. With the help of augmented reality, we can offer you the preside presentation of how your finished swimming pool would look on your patio. We are also happy to make any adjustments you would want while the pool is still under construction.

After you approve the virtual layout, we give you the project’s quotation and the construction process, making sure every facet is performed to code. Twenty-seven years and counting, our insured and licensed contractors have upheld high standards of professionalism; therefore, rest assured we will put your project to successful completion. The following is our most sought-after approach:

  1. First Stage: Visualizing Your Dream

After taking your landscape’s measurements and notes, your designated contractor will guide you through the creation of a digitized 3D model comprising all features and specifications like safety needs, sun exposure, and terrain. The design consultant also allows you to interact with your pool design in Virtual Reality before signing the contract. Once you confirm the plans and approve the budgets, we will work with relevant California authorities to approve building permits.

  1. Second Stage: A Firm Foundation

Double Oak Construction uses only industry-standard construction materials. We pay utmost attention to your safety needs and precision in every stage of your custom pool building process. A designated project manager is also available to update you with the construction progress and address any concerns you could encounter. You also get to enjoy your posh swimming pool for many years stress-free thanks to our market-leading warranties.

  1. Stage Three: Thorough Execution

After completing thousands of swimming pools, our accredited and qualified team can work on all designs and ensure excellence and safety. From patio designs offering privacy to cascades concealing area noise, we build every swimming pool feature with quality. Modern-day technology will allow you to control your swimming pool with the touch of buttons or even from your smartphone. Unlike other pool builders in Los Angeles, we don’t provide any pre-assembled designs. Your preferences, landscape size/ shape, and budget are what we use to customize your pool. 

Benefits of working with us when designing your dream swimming pool include:

  • We Use the Best Materials for Your Pool

If your swimming pool is not built using quality components that last for years, no level of artistry quality could matter. That is why all customer pool designs incorporate first-rate products and material. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by using efficient and robust equipment. We understand that faulty and substandard products offer you a temporary solution and, in the end, hurt you. Thus, our contractors use high-grade products like fiberglass and gunite from pool filtration to the end.  This gives you a tailor-made solution that lasts and could withstand everyday usage.

  • We Have No Physical Showroom

Unlike many companies, we do not need to show you prefabricated pools. Instead, we show you what end-product to expect using Virtual Reality and 3D design technology. Using virtual designs saves you construction time and thousands of dollars since you won't pay for a showroom.

  • We Assign A Reliable Superintendent to Your Swimming Pool

Working with one and supervisor as your point of reference makes all the difference. After approving the plans and budget, we assign one superintendent to manage and oversee the construction process from the beginning to the end. You want to make sure the supervisor has no other construction projects under him. Their concentration on your project ensures that details are never missed, and nothing gets overlooked between phases.

Premium Custom Swimming Pool Types We Build

Have you decided on what options you would like for your new inground custom pool? The design of your swimming pool is a reflection of your unique style and personality. Customizations like spa, water features, and the pool’s shapes render your swimming pool special for your loved ones and friends. Read along to know more concerning the alternatives available for your Los Angeles swimming pool with Double Oak Construction!

Salt Water Pools

One of the most exciting things about swimming in the sea is the soft feel of the water. Ocean water doesn’t sting on the skin and has no smell of chlorine. You could also have your spa, hot tub, and swimming pool filled with salty water, using a unique water sanitization technique. If you opt for a saltwater pool, you don’t have to deal with harsh elements like bromine and chlorine. Double Oak Construction can design and build an outstanding saltwater pool that provides you with all the benefits you seek.

Residential Swimming pools

Of course, swimming pools are luxuries, but builders present you with an array of types and shapes for you to choose. Your landscape size, local construction codes, budget, and availability of building material are factors to consider when selecting the type of pool you want. Take a tour of your alternatives.

  • Freeform Pools. Freeform custom pools refer to pools that take any form and shape. The pools encompass no specific shape like rectangle or square. Instead, a freeform design, also known as a radius pool design, takes any curvilinear form. These types of pools are designed to mimic natural water bodies and ponds. The natural aesthetic look could enhance the outdoor feel on your courtyard
  • Geometric Pools. Unlike freeform pools, geometric pools take on particular shapes or precise dimensions. Examples of geometric shapes your pool could take on include rectangle, square, circle, or oval. Rectangular pools are typically selected for their modern-day aesthetic and visual appeal. Ideal for both fun and exercise, rectangular pools could suit the needs of any family
  • Lap pools. Lap pools refer to swimming pools designed for health and fitness purposes. These custom pools are narrower along the width and longer on the length (over 50 feet). Lap pools could fall under geometric pools as most of these are rectangular and you could use a narrow lot as the lap pool construction site
  • Splash pads. If you have young children, adding a splash pad is a great way to reinvent your swimming area. You splash pad could incorporate various water elements like waterfalls, mists, and sprays, with colorful details that your kids and their friends will love. The splash pad not only reinvent your pool space but also offer a safer option for small kids

Lazy River Pools

Double Oak Construction could design and build you a lazy river to mimic those found exotic resorts. We can make these pools at commercial water parks, hotels, apartments, neighborhood pools, or even your open space. For many years, lazy river pools have only been found at exclusive resorts and water parks. Often, lazy rivers flow through a snaking path and encompass various features like a grotto. Exquisite backyard designs could also feature an island where you gain access via a footbridge.

We offer you endless possibilities to design your custom lazy river and integrate flawlessly into the yard features like ramadas, trees, or hillside. These features create a natural landscape that matches your desires. We take pride in bringing your dream into reality in a manner that enhances your outdoor space and your enjoyment of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Until recently, lazy river pools could be designed with children in mind. Currently, these pools are fast becoming a darling to grownups who desire to enjoy the luxury and spoils of a resort-like pool. The resort-like specification is an ideal way for families to spend their summer holidays. Summer seasons are great swim-seasons in California; hence, you will reap the most enjoyment from your lazy river pool.

Diving Pools and Water Slides

Incorporating diving boards and water slides in your swimming pool design could offer you and your family fun-filled hours in the backyard. Nothing is more enjoyable for children than queuing on the diving board and taking turns flaunting the unmatched diving skills. Since diving pools could pose a significant threat, especially for younger children, we ensure the deep end is at least eight feet to prevent them from the pool floor. We incorporate diving boards that fit in with the pool decking.

Diving in your swimming is fun, but sliding into it via a water slide is more thrilling. Our engineers install customs slides made from high-quality fiberglass to off a long-life enjoyment to your pool. Not only do we tailor-make you a slide but also a matching rock waterfall. Your custom-made water slide should turn your simple residential pool into a backyard water park. The water slide will not just raise your pool’s value but also give you another reason to slide for a swim.

Commercial Pools

Looking to install a swimming pool area at your hotel or resort? Or are you looking to invest in a massive water park? Double Oak Construction could offer you several designs and options to customize the pool. We could also use your inspiration and ideas to custom-make your pool. Like residential pools, commercial pools come in different shapes and sizes. Examples of custom commercial pools we build for clients include:

  • Play pools. These are great for hosting games at your restaurant. These games include water aerobics, swimming laps, and pool volleyball. You could also rake in profits when you hire out the pool to schools, organizations, or party-goers during tournaments and private parties
  • Wading pools. These pools could offer guests, families or other clients a perfect space to cool off and unwind without going to the full-sized swimming area
  • Infinity pools. A majestic scene and a majestic name to match, many people consider infinity pools as the peak of swimming pool designs. We incorporate state-of-the-art craft and architecture in your infinity pool to give an impression of endless water, with an almost ghostlike illusion. Water flows over a ‘missing edge’ that we design without conventional coping or beautification, into a reservoir that takes the water back into the swimming pool. This is how the ‘infinite’ effect is accomplished, and it looks spectacular.

Pool Custom Features and Options

When it comes to designing your custom swimming pool, you want to include a few custom features in the backyard. Different pools need different custom features; for instance, a natural swimming pool would need features like boulders, waterfalls, rock slides, and tiles. Other customs specification you could include in your custom pool design include:

  • Rock Slide
  • Sun Shelves
  • Firepits
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Fountains
  • Negative Edge
  • Beach Entry
  • Grotto

Contact a Custom Swimming Pool Builder Near Me

You want your custom pool investment to offer you and your family fun and enjoyment. That is why, at Double Oak Construction, we use materials and products built to last. We have three-decades worth of experience in offering unmatched craftsmanship to clients in Los Angeles. Whether you need a splash pad, natural pool, or saltwater pool, we will complete your project promptly after approving the budgets and designs. Contact us to discuss your dream pool, and we will make it come true. Call us at 800-631-8485 to get design insights and an estimate.

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